Red hair everyone love it.

By Adele Coles 

adele coles freelance session stylist london

But just how is it when you have it? Well... it's amazing.

Redheads are rare and precious, although there are not that many of us around anymore, doesn't mean that you cannot be a redhead!
Red colours are becoming more and more fashionable and being a redhead myself I see more and more clients coming into the salon wanting to have red hair.

Everybody is now calling redheads the must-have colour for this season!

The colour red has always been beautiful, but it would seem that Reds have now become as popular as blondes and brunettes. Although, being a true redhead does come with more pluses, as we don't age the same way as blondes and brunettes: we seem to age less. There were interesting studies made about this: you can check it out on BBC iPlayer.

But I hear you say: "How can I keep my amazing red hair colour?"
Well, here is my top 5 tips to keeping your red hair from being dull:

  1. always use colour shampoo
  2. always use colour conditioner (the best ones are colour conserve from Aveda)
  3. use deep treatment once a week (like dry remedy from Aveda)
  4. if you have few greys, then without doubt the best colour to use is Aveda colour: it's truly the best you will ever use on your hair
  5. just love your red hair and it will love you back!
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