Hair loss no more!

By Adele Coles 

adele coles freelance session stylist london
After many years of losing my own hair and being hairdresser, it was really upsetting to know that there is really nothing out there (and if there is, it's so expensive that most women can’t afford it). So, it got me thinking, and over the past 10 years I have helped many women and men with hair loss problems.

There are many things you can do to help and cure your hair loss. Yes, I said CURE.

Here are my six top supplements you can take and eat to give you back the hair you lost and the hair you will gain more of. I promise you they work and I, as well as the countless people I’ve helped, are a living proof of it.

  1. Biotin, is without doubt the best thing you will ever take for your hair. It comes in 1000 or 5000mcg. I recommend the 5000mcg as this gives you fast results. It can be taken even if you’re breastfeeding or just had a baby (congralations btw), if you have an under active thyroid, have had chemo or any illness. Biotin is totally safe and, best of all, vegan (so you know it's good). The best one to buy is made by Solgar.
  1. D3Vitamin, helps with many things, including overall health, and balances out your immune system. If your immune system is weak,then everything else will be. I recommend you take 4000 i.u. daily.
  1. B complex pretty much helps boost your mind, your body and will make you feel amazing. You just need to take one per day.
  1. Well... blueberries! They are listed as superfood and is well known they help with hair loss. It is good for your skin and your body too.
  1. Cucumber. Yes, this will make your hair grow thick, shiny and fast.
  1. Avocado.This, as you know, is full of fatty acids and is without thought the best. You only need one or two per week.

So people, follow my advice and you’ll stop worrying about your hair loss, 100% guaranteed!

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