Hair and Fashion Trends for A/W 2017

By Adele Coles 

adele coles freelance session stylist london

I am a renowned freelance hairdresser (London based) as well as a session stylist with lots of experience as art director. In her 25 years of experience, I have partaken in 17 seasons of London and Paris Fashion Week.

Here's what I suggest for A/W 2017:
"As we go into the new season, it's very clear to see there is explosion of colour.
With rich greens and reds blues and all the colours of fashion Wheel this is truly season for colour.
So shine bright and light with all that is at your fingertips from cooper to golds bronze to greens pinks electric blue and this is just for your hair.
Make up is bright light and bold a long with the colours of the rainbow so, when you feel like you have winter blues, just change up your colour to something bright bold and summer will be all around you!"

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