Hair Coloring Tips: The Dos & Don'ts of Coloring Your Hair

By Adele Coles 

adele coles freelance session stylist london

It can happen to even the most confident brown-red haired beauties among us: we go to sleep at night feeling proud to be sultry brunettes or redheads and we wake up the next morning feeling like we could use some Jen Aniston-style blonde highlights in our life.
On the other hand, there are also those life-long blonde bombshells after dealing with our own fair share of hair dye disasters: "You know that awkward moment when you discover that you’ve bleached your own hair to the color and consistency of straw? Then you freak out and call the salon".
I have lost track of how many women and men have done this to themselves and then want salon to fix it.
Only thing is: if you use anything with metallic salts in it, we can not do much with it. This is found in Henna and sunnin and is not natural as you think!

DON’T bleach or highlight with over-the-counter hair coloring products!

Sure, most of us can probably admit that we have a bit of a girl-crush on Blake Lively and her lovely blonde locks, but that doesn’t mean we should reach for that box of bottle-blonde bleach at Boots.
“I would NEVER recommend highlighting your hair at home. I have seen too many women try to do it themselves and it comes out looking awful and fried!”
People tend to read just the box [of the over-the-counter-product], the front cover itself... They look at a blonde and they say, ‘Oh, I want to be just like her’, but their hair is jet black. They're not going to get the same results, so there's the big room for error... This is what happens: most times people come in [to my salon] with orange hair because they didn't lift up "high enough” meaning: they didn’t strip enough pigment out of their hair with the bleach.
Other times they come in with white, platinum hair that's breaking.
It's rare that they know the amount and type of bleach or peroxide that they'll need to put.

Skip the hair horror stories and leave the hair lightening to the salon professionals!

Unfortunately, demi- and semi-permanents can’t lighten hair, so for those collegiettes seeking the sun-kissed effect, David suggests “a bit of face-framing highlights that look natural. Some signature highlights around the face and at the top of the hair, they look like they belong there... almost like you've had that color since you were born.” While demi- and semi-permanent dyes are safe to apply with over-the-counter dyes, highlights should only be done by a professional in a salon.

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