Brake ups

By Adele Coles 

adele coles freelance session stylist london
Yes ladies, you know what I am talking about... We all want the long hair of our dreams and to have it falling down our backs, yes!
Well listen up, here are few tips and tricks I have to share with you: if you follow my 6 best tips, I promise you will have the hair of your dreams!
  1. Make sure you get your hair trimmed, don’t leave it for 6/7/8 months without trimming. My best advice is 3/4 months.
  2. Always use a shampoo and conditioner that is 100% 'sulphate, paraffin and colour' free . There are many shampoos and conditioners out there that say they are natural, but they are not! The best and the only ones I have found are Aveda (is just the best!)
  3. Treatments things like Coconut Oil and Olive Oil are the best for your scalp and hair; remember healthy scalp means healthy hair!
  4. Try to not blowdry your hair more than once a week, but if you can, where possible, let it dry naturally
  5. Brushing your hair: always brush the ends first and roots second, with tangle teaser or paddle brush... not with combs, they brake the hair!
  6. Plat your hair when sleeping, this helps to stop it braking when you sleep. No tight bands around the top of the hair when you sleep, this can cause hair loss and breakage

I hope my tips and tricks help, good luck ladies!

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